Software Meeting 2/26/14

-Got a simple blinky program running on the SAM4S dev board
-When the board is connected and you start Atmel Studio, the IDE should detect the board
-The clock speed is of course much faster than the Arduino Uno, and we underestimated the blink rate
-Set the debugging tool to use the serial programmer (not JTAG)
-Interestingly, we couldn't set break points on the function that sets the GPIO (on-board LED)
-Example project used comes with Atmel Studio, but we re-wrote a simple main()
-Will upload to GitHub

Software Meeting 2/18/14

-Good Resource:
-SAM4S Dev board came in today
-Built demo project for SAM4S in Atmel Studio
-Updated Github Repo

Mechanical Team Meeting 2/17/14

During today's meeting we began working on propeller guard construction using sheet metal. We successfully cut, punched, and bent the main pieces for the propeller guards and simply need to punch a few more holes before we can rivet the pieces together. Overall it was a productive meeting and I believe we should have workable propeller guards by Friday's general meeting.


Mechanical Team Meeting 2/11/14

Nothing significant was done during this week's meeting due to a lack of material. The shipment for sheet metal and polycarbonate came in and I hopefully will be able to pick it up today.


Software Team Meeting 2/4/14

-Got everyone up to speed on GitHub and AtmelStudio
-Downloaded source files for FreeRTOS (pushed to GitHub)
-Started learning FreeRTOS
-Read through for next time

Mechanical Team Meeting 1/27/14

Team Members List:
• Josh Bowen
• Rod Jafari
• Sam Bukowski
• Nathan Bellowe
• Alex Silverman
• Sean Harrison
• Paige Alleman
• Kassi Butler


Electrical Team Meeting 1/29/14

Completed Hardware Team task list

Team Members List:
• Camilla Lambrocco
• Josh Bowen
• Cy Parker
• Jessica Landreth
• Kyle Harlow


Software Meeting (1/28)

-Created Tasklist on GitHub
-Next Step: Learn how to use FreeRTOS (link in tasklist)
-Will be ordering an evaluation board to write software and test before electrical hardware is complete
-Discussed possible meeting time change


Spring Dues

As decided previously, dues for this semester will be $10 if you were a paying member last semester and $20 if you are new. They are due by February 21st, but please get them in as soon as possible. Thanks.