Robotics Research

The Autonomous Robotics & Perception Group (ARPG) studies planning, control and supporting probabilistic perception algorithms that enable long-term autonomous operation of mobile robotic systems, particularly in unknown environments. If mobile robots are to become ubiquitous, we must first solve fundamental problems in perception, planning and control. Before a mobile robot system can act intelligently, it must be given -- or acquire -- a representation of the environment that is useful for planning and control. We are interested in fundamental understanding of sufficient statistics that can be used to represent the state of the world and action in it. We use real-time, embodied robot systems equipped with a variety of sensors -- including lasers, cameras, inertial sensors, etc. -- to advance and validate algorithms and knowledge representations that are useful for enabling long-term autonomous operation. Learn more about The Autonomous Robotics & Perception Group...


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CUEngineering is here!

The 2014 edition of CUEngineering magazine is hot off the press! Check it out online.

Engineering Recognition Ceremony to be held at 9am at Coors Events/Conference Center on Friday May 8, 2015

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